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Japan - Expo Montreal 1967

Japan at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Dr J. A. A. Yoshinobu Ashihara

The main structure of the pavilion was prefabricated in Japan using pre-stressed concrete beams. The use of articulated wall beams in various lengths has created a beautiful open space effect.

Combining the past with the present, the theme of the pavilion, "Japan in Progress", is divided into three areas: "Harmony with Nature", "Harmony with Tradition" and "Harmony with Technological Progress".

These areas are accessed by means of a moving staircase that takes the visitor to the top floor, from where he or she gradually descends by a gently sloping ramp while visiting the various rooms. The space underneath these elevated areas is integrated into the surrounding gardens. There is space for outdoor activities, water features and a tea garden. It is here that the sub-theme "Harmony with nature" is realized.

"Harmony with tradition". This tradition was respected and as soon as the pavilion was completed, a Shinto priest came here to perform the age-old "Joto-Shiki" rituals to mark the end of a stage, thus marking the respect of customs.

"Harmony with technological progress". The exhibits in this sector are divided into three groups: automatic controls, telecommunications, health and medicine. To illustrate the progress made by the Japanese transportation industry, a collection of cars, motorbikes, boats, etc. are displayed in this area.

The tea garden attracts the visitor with its architecture and the food served. Graceful young Japanese women in kimonos complete the illusion of having a corner of the Land of the Rising Sun, steeped in tradition and progress, on the Earth of Man.

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