World and International Exhibition Montreal 1967 - Expo67

Man and his Universe

April 28, 1967 - October 29, 1967

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Vermont at the Exhibition Montreal 1967

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Architect(s) : Peter M. Acres

The pavilion's slender shape and sloping roof are reminiscent of the elegant cottages that dot the Green Mountains and the shores of the Green Mountain lakes. It is made entirely of local materials: fieldstone, lumber and cedar shingles.

An exhibition of objects made in the 18th and 19th centuries, drawings, maps, documents, etc., tells the story of the early settlers, the entry of the Green Mountains into the Union as the 14th state, and the present day. It illustrates the way of life of the people, their spirit of independence, their self-confidence, as well as the development of their agriculture, industry and education.

A continuous show: "A land that stretches out its arms to you" presents a wonderful mountain scenery and describes in turn the freshness of spring, the exuberance of summer, the sumptuousness of autumn and the white splendour of winter.

During the Exhibition, the artist Ferdinand L. Veber sculpted in the pavilion itself a 12-foot high granite statue of the explorer Samuel de Champlain, discoverer of the lake that now bears his name.

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