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Ontario - Expo Montreal 1967

Ontario at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Fairfield & Dubois

The Ontario pavilion is a bold and elegant design that evokes the forms of a tent with multiple pyramidal figures. Covering an area of two and a half acres (one hectare) and reaching a height of 90 feet (almost 28 metres) at its highest point, it is covered by a flexible roof of fibreglass and vinyl on a metal frame.

From the granite-strewn grounds, where a cataract flows, an ascending ramp provides access to the vast western platform, the actual exhibition hall of the Ontario participation.

Enlarged drawings by Ontario children showing their province as they see it with their new eyes, robots conversing and discussing the future of Ontario's youth, a selected piece of music galore, and a montage of objects that are motley but evocative of a spirited and unwise youth, are the first elements of the Ontario pavilion's display.

This is followed by displays highlighting some of the most important milestones in Ontario's history and development and the contribution of industry to the province's progress. Another area is the sculpture gallery, next to which is the large movie theatre, where thousands of visitors have seen a film of exceptional quality: "A Place to Stand".

In the courtyard, the visitor encounters (eleven of them) the Woman Walking, a stainless steel sculpture by the artist Michael Snow.

The pavilion has several restaurants and terraces where one can enjoy the gastronomic specialties of Ontario.

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