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Quebec - Expo Montreal 1967

Quebec at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Papineau, Gérin Lajoie, Leblanc & Durand

A glass quadrilateral surrounded by water, the Quebec pavilion reflects its neighbours and
The Quebec pavilion reflects its neighbours and is in turn reflected in the lagoon, which is adorned by a sculpture by Pierre Heyvaert.

As the building is raised from the ground, the ground floor consists of a terrace that is open on all sides and linked by a footbridge to the exhibition grounds.

Four circular lifts lead to the upper floors. A soundtrack links and animates the elements. Combining the sounds of nature with those of industry, this music is the image of Quebec.

The ascent takes place in the midst of kaleidoscopic images that give the impression of wide open spaces, deep forests, evoking the cycle of the seasons and the harshness of the climate. The visitor is then confronted with the first theme of the presentation: the challenge that Quebec's nature poses to man. When you get out of the lift, the second theme begins: the struggle, which is a response to the first. Man transforms his environment and develops its resources. Seven cells illustrate the conquest of the natural environment: the development of water, the forest, the subsoil, industrial development and urbanisation. A map of Quebec is illuminated on a huge screen panel.

In a circular room whose walls are shaped like dams, the visitor is at the centre of a film show about the river and navigation, rivers and energy.

In the forest sector, we first see the wildlife and furs, in a setting that extends to illustrate the wealth of the woods from the tree to the manufactured and exported product.

The soil theme is divided into rooting, redevelopment and agricultural production and marketing.

The subsoil theme is illustrated by a sort of vast well that the visitor can see from the top of a footbridge, after which the show of industrial activity is presented, highlighting the original achievements of Quebec.

Man, who has mastered his natural environment and taken advantage of its riches, has transformed a hostile environment into an industrial state and has given birth to cities. A film show presents the emergence of these cities.

The visitor arrives at the top of a spiral ramp. They descend to the ground floor and follow the development of the theme of momentum and its sub-themes, which are illustrated by mobiles. Momentum is that of a people who, despite the obstacles, not only know how to preserve their heritage but also how to assert themselves by creating economic, social, political and cultural structures that meet their aspirations.

At the foot of the ramp, in a circular space, various elements animate an anticipation film on Quebec in the year 2000.

The pavilion devotes four rooms to artistic activity. One of them is devoted to literature. The others present exhibitions of painting, sculpture and crafts.

The restaurant offers the gastronomic specialities of Quebec. Its decoration and furnishings eloquently showcase Quebec's arts and crafts.

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