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Greece - Expo Montreal 1967

Greece at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Nicholas C. Chryssopoulos

The pavilion of Greece, of a simplicity reminiscent of the Archipelago, is surrounded by a garden planted with thyme and other aromatic herbs. An access platform leads to an inner courtyard, part of which is covered with tiers, in the manner of ancient theatres. This courtyard is surrounded by nine exhibition rooms, each devoted to a particular theme.

The first room contains elements that contain the essence of the Greek message to the world.
Humanism, democracy and freedom are illustrated by a row of "kouroi", ancient statues symbolising man's march towards fulfilment. There is also abundant documentation on ancient and Byzantine monuments and, on the walls, passages from the works of Sophocles and Euripides.

The second room is dedicated to the influence of Hellenic civilisation and the expansion of the ancient precepts on which modern society is built.

In the third room, there is a selection of various Greek publications, which shed light on the country, as well as an exhibition of works by contemporary Greek painters and sculptors, demonstrating that the mind is still a living source of inspiration and culture.

In the fourth room, we have grouped together some examples of folk art, which are an image of the technical skill and good taste of the people.

In the fifth room, the emphasis is on the Greek love of the sea.
for the sea.

Entering the sixth room, the visitor is confronted with the technical and economic achievements of contemporary Greece. The quality of agricultural products, such as tobacco, grapes and vegetables, the efforts made in the electrification of the country, the progress made in the textile industry, foundries, steelworks, sugar factories, shipyards, sponge mining and fisheries are all highlighted.

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