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Jamaica - Expo Montreal 1967

Jamaica at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Bryan-Elliot Ltd

The Jamaica Pavilion is an authentic Jamaican inn. With its shingled roof, stucco walls, large blinds and verandah, this hostelry has all the hallmarks of colonial architecture in tropical countries.

The display illustrating the history of the island, from Admiral Nelson to the famous Port Royal pirate Captain Morgan, introduces the life and culture of the Jamaicans and their economic and social progress.

Next to the hostel is a courtyard surrounded by small thatched cottages reminiscent of the old sugar cane plantations. It is in these thatched cottages that the products for which Jamaica is famous are displayed: its cigars, its Blue Mountain coffee, its fruit, its famous rums, its sugar, as well as an assortment of products from its industry.

In the courtyard, visitors can sit around tables and enjoy Jamaican food, delicious coffee and liquors.

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