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Monaco - Expo Montreal 1967

Monaco at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
Architect(s) : Papineau, Gérin-Lajoie, Leblanc

The Principality of Monaco has dedicated its pavilion to "joie de vivre, the reward of men". It consists of ten truncated towers rendered in pale ochre, which surround a cinema-garden sheltered under a huge orange stylized umbrella made of multiple suspended cylinders. A canal runs alongside the pavilion where a sailing boat evoking the nautical pleasures of Monaco is moored.

Illustrating the wonders of nature and the sweetness of Monegasque life, the interior of the pavilion is divided into eight sectors. The first welcomes visitors and explains Monaco's position in relation to the rest of the world. The second area is entitled "the builders". It presents the history of the Principality and is dedicated to the sovereign family and its history. The third sector describes the scientific vocation and cultural life of the Principality, while recalling some of the creations of the Princes who built it (Oceanographic Institute, Institute of Human Paleontology, Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, International Hydrographic Bureau). The fourth sector is devoted to small-scale industry and crafts; it shows some of the achievements of the mechanical, optical and luxury industries. The fifth sector, which is open air, reflects the climate and sunshine of Monaco. The sixth area, also open air, highlights the spectacular sports: Grand Prix and Rally, tennis, golf and water sports. The seventh sector, covered, is reserved for tourism and social events (casino, hotels, theatre, galas, flower battles, etc.). Finally, the eighth and last sector provides a preview of the Monaco of tomorrow.

This pleasant walk takes the visitor to the cinema-garden where he can watch a short film of great beauty for about fifteen minutes, which completes, through colour, sound and movement, the marvellous image of the joy of living in the Principality of Monaco. As soon as the visitor leaves this enchantment, he finds himself in a small green park whose slopes and vegetation tend to recreate a part of the famous exotic garden of Monaco.

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