World and International Exhibition Montreal 1967 - Expo67

Man and his Universe

April 28, 1967 - October 29, 1967

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Haiti at the Exhibition Montreal 1967

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Architect(s) : Jodoin, Lamarre, Pratte, Carrière

Under the theme "Land of Sunshine", Haiti's pavilion with its white façade and terrace has cheerful exhibition elements on the one hand, and architectural contours on the other, which allow all the daylight to be captured as desired.

The square pavilion is made of hollow tubes, painted white; the outer wall is made of glass and allows visitors to see inside. Some of the exhibits: sisal, cotton, tapestries, etc., are used to cover the floors and walls. Other displays, such as paintings, dolls and sculptures, are installed on wires stretched between the floor and the cubes that form the ceiling. The pavilion has a special feature in that the terrace is an extension of the interior floor, which means that in good weather certain objects can be displayed outside and a dancing café can be set up in a cheerful atmosphere.

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