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Trinidad & Tobago and Grenada -

Trinidad & Tobago and Grenada at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Peter Bynoe & F. A. Dawson

The pavilion common to the Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada participations is made of steel, wood and painted canvas; the roof, formed by four paraboloids of equal dimensions, was designed to express the harmony and cultural diversity that exists within the four most important human groups of these fies; the African group, the Far Eastern group, the Indian and Pakistani group and the European group.

On the upper floor of the pavilion there is a theatre for 80 performers and 250 spectators. The performances reflect the theme of the pavilion: "Bacchanal". Visitors can watch dance performances and listen to traditional folk songs from Trinidad and Tobago, the home of steelbands, calypsos and limbos.

On the ground floor, the exhibits consist of historical documents, paintings, sculptures and other art objects, as well as rich carnival clothing. Granada, the "flower of the spices", presents in an attractive way the various stages of its economic expansion. In a bar overlooking the lagoon, you can enjoy the drinks of the islands to the sound of the steelband on a pontoon.

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