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Italy - Expo Montreal 1967

Italy at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : MM. C. Argan, G. Franci, V., F. & L Passarelli, B. Zevi

The Italian pavilion is distinguished by its simple, clean lines. Its large white sail-like roof rises ten feet from the ground and gently slopes upwards. Three sculptures decorate the roof: a bronze sphere, a ceramic and a steel composition. They announce and symbolize the three exhibition sectors of the pavilion, each of which has a different architectural design and is independent of the others and of the roof that covers it.

The first sector illustrates the values of the Italian artistic tradition. Lyricism and the search for refined detail are the dominant features. The ensemble is dominated by "Atys", a magnificent bronze by Donatello.

The second sector is devoted to the Italian way of life and its evolution over the centuries. It presents a particular way of looking at life and death, family life and life in the city, where the public square plays a predominant role. It is a sort of immense sculpture where the objects on display blend harmoniously with the plastered cement walls and floor. A bar with a terrace and a restaurant serving specialities from the various regions of the country and wines from the best vintages are integrated into this area.

Italy's place in industrial and technological civilisation is illustrated in the last area: progress. The contribution of Italians to modern science and technology is highlighted, in particular through the importance given to aesthetics in the design of the objects on display - note the highly sophisticated robot, Mascot I, used at the Italian Nuclear Energy Centre.

The three sectors of the pavilion are connected by a corridor, called the path. In this corridor, pictorial compositions on glass plates are projected in all directions, drawing the visitor into a whirlwind of images and light.

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