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Czechoslovakia -

Czechoslovakia at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
Architect(s) : Miroslav Repa, Vladimir Pycha

The architecture of the Czechoslovakia pavilion is remarkably simple in line. A wall of tinted glass forms a large part of the walls on the ground floor, and glazed ceramic panels serve as walls on the upper floor.

Inside, in the Hall of Centuries, one can admire treasures from antiquity, including the Venus Vestonice carved twenty thousand years ago, gold and silver jewellery from the great Moravian Empire, Romanesque frescoes, the crown of St. Wenceslas, King of Bohemia, pieces from the Gothic period, manuscripts, paintings, works from the Renaissance, etc. In the Tradition section, crystal and works of the great master glass and ceramics makers are offered to the admiration of the visitors.

The enchanted garden and the puppets of the famous decorator Jiri Trnka are a delight for young and old. Not far away, a unique cot with two thousand figures and objects, three hundred of which come to life. This masterpiece evokes both the Bible and everyday life.

The presence of technology is particularly noticeable in the Polyvision and Diapoly-screen, where the most daring audio-visual and cinematographic techniques are used.

The Inspiration section exhibits works by the great Czechoslovak designers and precious jewellery, while the Conflicts section deals with the distressing problems of today: overpopulation and air and water pollution. The Invitation section shows the visitor the beautiful landscapes and the many attractive aspects of Czechoslovakia.

A cinema - the Kineautomat - presents a unique show. The film unfolds as usual when the main actor asks the audience to decide the end of the story themselves.

The Czechoslovakia pavilion has four large restaurants where the gourmet can enjoy the country's specialities.

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