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Canadian Kodak - Expo Montreal 1967

Canadian Kodak at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : John B. & John C. Parkin

The Canadian Kodak pavilion, whose exhibits showcase photography in the service of mankind, is a rectangular building made of concrete, laminated wood and glass.

Flags on the façade allow visitors to identify the countries where they can benefit from Kodak services.

Inside, the pavilion is divided into three main areas. The first is an information centre where multilingual staff are on hand to assist the public.

A 90-seat cinema offers a multi-screen slide show, entitled "The Wonders of Photography", which illustrates the role of photography in education, science, medicine, etc. The use of a water screen turns the show into a fairy tale. A magnetic ribbon control synchronises the action of twelve projectors, glass filament pipes from which the fountains of a water screen emerge, and three other projectors which, with the help of a mirror, reflect the images behind the droplets.

In the exhibition area, a series of slides depict Canadian landscapes: the Rockies, the Western Plains, the Niagara Cataracts, landscapes of Quebec and various industrial centres.

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