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European Communities - Expo Montreal 1967

European Communities at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Crivelli, Serafini-Pozzi, Bowenter

The pavilion housing the European Communities is made of glass and steel. Its bold architectural design is reminiscent of a diamond with a thousand facets, symbolising the influence of today's Europe.

The use of steel reminds us that the member countries of the Communities (Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) joined forces in 1951 to create the European Coal and Steel Community, which led to the first European market.

An impressive team of European and Canadian architects, engineers and decorators participated in the construction of this pavilion.

Upon entering, the visitor is struck by the originality and diversity of the exhibits, among which a Flemish tapestry representing the forges of Vulcan is worth mentioning. Behind this tapestry, transparent paintings depict great Europeans who have distinguished themselves in the arts, philosophy and science.

The panorama of the medieval city of Mainz is then presented to the visitor, while the theme "Six countries have decided to live together" is interpreted in the form of a luminous text projected onto a painting and recalling the achievement of European integration.

On the first floor, there are also models recalling the origins of Europe, the Bible printed by Gutenberg, two magnificent dioramas on War and Peace by Max Ingrand, "the library of a young French-speaking Canadian couple", "the library of an English-speaking Canadian or American couple", "the library of a European couple" and a record library containing 150 carefully selected records of European, classical and modern music.

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