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Guyana and Barbados - Expo Montreal 1967

Guyana and Barbados at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : George F. Eber

Barbados and Guyana joined forces to build a pavilion at Expo 67.

The pavilion consists of a series of hexagonal structures mounted on stilts; the walls are white and the roofs are dark brown. The materials used are stucco, wood from Guyana and coral from Barbados. The roof is in the form of a six-sided pyramid with a translucent fibreglass peak that acts as a skylight.

Inside the pavilion, each country has its own sector. Four exhibition halls are connected to each other. The entrance on the right leads to the section reserved for Barbados. The history of a proud people is presented first, followed by its current situation with the tourist industry and its economy based on sugar cane cultivation. The future is seen through the role Barbados plays in peace-oriented scientific research, especially high-altitude research, a project pursued by McGill University in Montreal.

The section on Guyana presents the history of the country and the evolution of its six ethnic groups from the era of slavery to independence. Bauxite, gold, diamonds and iron ore are among the riches of the subsoil.

A tropical bar offers cocktails made of rum from both countries. Visitors can admire the colourful toucans and macaws, listen to calypso tunes or chat with the Bridgetown harbour police in their Admiral Nelson uniforms, as well as with members of the world-famous Barbados Mounted Police and Troupe.

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