Australia - Expo Montreal 1967

Australia at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
Architect(s) : J. C Maccormick, Commonweath Dept of Works

The Australian pavilion is in the form of a truncated pyramidal quadrilateral. Its structure, raised on steel and concrete pillars, contains four trumpet-shaped columns, which rise to the ceiling. They are hollow and are intended to provide the building with air and light. Two of the building's walls are made of glass, two are made of metal panels and the decorations are made of laminated wood.

The pavilion has four main exhibition areas: Science, featuring the rotating radio telescope, oriented towards a huge representation of the night sky, the work of the famous Australian painter Donald Leycock; Australian Lifestyle, illustrated by a model of the capital city, Canberra, a 'garden city, victory over the bush'; Art, grouping contemporary works by Australian artists; and finally, Economic Expansion. This area features an animated model of the giant Snowy Mountains Dam, one of the world's largest hydroelectric works.

Outside, a garden evokes the Australian landscape: the forested mountain, the desert, the billabong and the coral reef. Kangaroos leaping around add to the local colour.

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