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Venezuela - Expo Montreal 1967

Venezuela at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Carlos Raul Villanueva

Three perfectly polished 45-foot cubes, painted in yellow, black, green, blue and red, and given a cheerful glow by clever lighting and daylight, is the Venezuelan pavilion at Expo 67.

Simplicity characterises both the exhibition displays and the exterior of the pavilion. A cube contained a cinema room where the life of Venezuelans, the natural beauty of the country, industry and progress in various fields were presented. The images are projected on four screens, one on each wall, so the audience, standing, can see the sequences running all over the place at once. A second cube houses a bar-restaurant where the visitor can enjoy culinary specialties while listening to the haunting Venezuelan melodies. The third cube houses an amazing kinetic sculpture. Made of hundreds of metal rods suspended from a mobile disc above a pond, it seems to move and evokes the transformation of matter into energy.

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