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Mexico - Expo Montreal 1967

Mexico at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Antonio Garcia Corona, Leonardo Favela Rey, Frederico Muggenburg

The pavilion of Mexico looks like a gigantic shell that opens up to the sun. It stands on a vast plaza decorated with an imposing Mayan arch, angel musicians and other large sculptures.

At the entrance to the pavilion - a veritable museum where art reigns supreme - a mural illustrates the theme of the presentation: the Mexican and his environment, man, nature, history, progress, aspirations. There are rich collections of prehistoric, pre-Columbian and neo-Spanish art. Mexico - a country of contrasts - also presents works by its contemporary artists.

Excavations undertaken in recent years have yielded some extraordinary pieces, many of which are on display in the pavilion and are reminiscent of the Aztec, Maya, Olmec and Toltec empires. Religious art is represented by the sacred chambers of Bonampak with their frescoed walls and images of Quetzalcoatl, the gods of rain, virility, war, and the goddesses of life and death, as well as by the incredibly rich gold and silver altars from the Baroque period, and statues of Christ and the saints.

Another contrast: the modern period. The progress achieved is evoked: the University City, the medical centre, the housing centre of Mexico City.

Sports are in the spotlight: bullfighting, football, car racing, polo, tennis, pelota. Ancient customs are brought to life in the dances and costumes of modern Mexico. At the exit of the pavilion, sculptures of ancient Mexican athletes are displayed, and next to them is an onyx statue of a palm player.

At the Fonda Santa Anita restaurant and the Acapulco bar, visitors can enjoy Mexican specialties to the tune of guitars and the trumpets of the Mariachis.

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