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Ethiopia - Expo Montreal 1967

Ethiopia at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Jacques Benoit-Barnet

For the first time, Ethiopia participated in a world exhibition. The pavilion is in the form of a huge tent with 690 metres of purple cloth, reminiscent of the ritual parasols of the Aksum priests. The circular base of the tent, made of glass and plastic, is held up by twelve gilded metal lion heads.

The top is topped by a lion, also gilded, which proudly carries the green, yellow and red flag of Ethiopia; this is the "Lion of Judah", which is one of the imperial titles. This lion and flag move in the direction of the movements of the sun.

Four obelisks from the ancient city of Aksum frame the entrance to the pavilion. The building is entered by the staircase of lions, each representing a province of the Ethiopian Empire.

Art objects from the prehistoric site of Melke Kontoure are displayed alongside the remains of the Aksum Empire. There are also reproductions of frescoes from the Dire Dawa caves, works by renowned modern artists and Ethiopian crown jewels.

Handicrafts are represented by filigree gold and silver objects, while the rational exploitation of natural resources is illustrated by pictorial elements.

On the ground floor, there is a miniature replica of St. George's Church. On the mezzanine, a restaurant with tables and chairs under authentic Aumite umbrellas, encourages the tasting of Ethiopian coffee in specially designed cups made by skilled Ethiopian craftsmen.

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