World and International Exhibition Montreal 1967 - Expo67

Man and his Universe

April 28, 1967 - October 29, 1967

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Algeria at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967

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Architect(s) : Cardwell Ross Anderson

The Algerian pavilion is an imposing square white and blue building, with a smaller one added to it to house a restaurant.

Wood and steel are the materials used for the construction, but the elegant decoration recalls the Moorish style. A blue ceramic and veined marble floor adds to its beauty.

The theme of the displays is Algeria in all its activities.

The exhibits illustrate the long history of the country, as well as its
The exhibits illustrate the country's long history, as well as its rural development and the industrialisation efforts being made to improve the economy. Particular emphasis is placed on the oil industry and mining resources.

Slides and films are among the exhibits. The presence of people from different Algerian provinces in their regional costumes adds a picturesque touch.

Museum pieces, carpets and embossed leather objects recreate the Algerian atmosphere.

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