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Thailand - Expo Montreal 1967

Thailand at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Chamlong Yordying

A golden conical roof, a high spire, delicate carvings and vibrant colours evoke the bewitching and mysterious charm of Thailand. The dominant feature is a Buddhist temple, an exact replica of an 18th century shrine. This delicate construction was shipped piece by piece to Montreal to be included in the World's Fair as a testimony to the religious aspirations of the Thai people. At the foot of the shrine, on a pool lit by a set of lights, floats a gold-covered boat, a reproduction of the royal boat.

The sanctuary contains many relics of the past: a magnificent altar decorated with gems, statues, traditional costumes, models of boats, caparisoned elephants, a miniature royal chariot, etc. . In another splendid building, the latest creations of contemporary arts and crafts are on display. They reflect another aspect of Thai architecture which does not fail to surprise the tourist too inclined to confuse Thailand with its legend. He discovers there the modern State and its achievements. There are several displays of remarkable jewellery, renowned silks, some of the world's finest ceramics, collections of bronze and silver objects, and samples of the country's natural riches: rice, rubber, corn, tapioca and forest products. This room also contains an information centre on tourism and commercial life in the country.

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