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Steel - Expo Montreal 1967

Steel at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Mathers & Haldenby

The Big Four of the Canadian steel industry: Dosco Steel Ltd., The Algoma Steel Corporation, Dominion Foundries and Steel and The Steel Company of Canada, have built an A-shaped pavilion made entirely of steel, the height of which is equivalent to a ten-storey building.

Under the general theme "Man forges his power", the presentation is divided into three parts.

In the section "Fire in the service of mankind", the visitor can watch iron ore being transformed first into cast iron in a blast furnace and then into steel in an oxygen furnace, using cutaway models. The visitor can see a huge ladle pouring the molten metal into the ingot moulds. From the top of a footbridge, they can watch these operations and smell the vibrations and odours that give them the illusion of being in a real steelworks.

In the section "The machine at the service of man", we see how the steel ingot is transformed into a finished product and how man shapes steel into one of the most useful metals in the world. The steel passes through a series of rolling mills that transform it into thin sheets, rods or beams.

Around the "Metal for People" area, a number of steel products are displayed as abstract works of art. From there, visitors move on to the cinema room where the colour film "Man as Master of the Elements" is shown. The film, with its striking images and original music, shows how man has improved his living conditions by learning to master the four elements: earth and water, air and fire.

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