Japan World Exposition - Osaka 1970 - Expo'70

Human progress and harmony

March 15, 1970 - September 13, 1970

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom at the Exhibition Osaka 1970

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The British Pavilion was just off the West Port. With its exhibition galleries suspended from giant 37 metre high steel masts, it was like a huge canopy floating above the crowd where visitors could relax in a water garden or get special items from Britain at the pavilion shop.

The theme of the pavilion was "Progress, Promise and Variety" and the exhibits were arranged in four separate galleries, each with completely different settings, to present the history of the British people, their heritage and their achievements.

The story opened with 'British Heritage', a playful introduction to the whole pavilion. Here, visitors were enveloped by theatrical presentations demonstrating Britain's outstanding contribution to global progress in learning and culture, exploration, science, industrial technology and democratic government.

Next "Progress for Humanity", presenting the image of a nation aspiring to a better quality of life through cutting-edge research and development in fields such as medicine, agriculture, nuclear energy and oceanography.

Then "Building for the Future" presented an ultra-modern industrial environment and demonstrated new production techniques, new materials and manufacturing processes and explored the problems of the polluted environment.

The final chapter of the story, the "British Scene", presented a modern picture of Britain, its coasts and landscapes, its towns and villages and its people. It showed a nation strong in family ties enjoying a good standard of living and quality social service, educating its children to high standards and offering new generations opportunities for individual advancement and cultural enrichment.
This is Britain, backed by centuries of industrial achievement, aspiring to a better life for all.