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Washington State -

Washington State at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
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With multi-level pools rising to the sky, the Washington State Pavilion is designed to reflect the waters, forests and rich lands of the state, which is located in the northwesternmost part of the continental United States. Washington's theme: "The Harmony of Nature and Man".

The pavilion highlights, in a 12-minute colour film, the best in the environment and life of the state: the purity and beauty of the wilderness preserved by man only for his pleasure and enrichment. The film shows the cities and how they influence and enrich life and how man develops the resources of his natural environment. It shows how the past can coexist with the future, the ways man has found to adapt, preserve, change and grow with his environment in Washington State. Shot on Dimension 150, the film is projected onto a single, highly curved screen; a multi-channel stereophonic sound system produces the spectacular effect of being transported to the lakes, forests, towns and farms of Washington State.

The sense of the natural forest environment is impressively maintained throughout the pavilion itself, which features exhibit sections on the state's history and settlement, Pacific Northwest Indian culture, education, resources, Columbia River Basin projects, timber and related industries, aircraft and aluminum industries, nuclear power and so on.

The pavilion's form is made of real western red cedar trees mounted on a prefabricated steel frame. Visitors enter and exit on one level and the guides are happy to discuss the details of the exhibition.