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Abu-Dhabi - Expo Osaka 1970

Abu-Dhabi at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
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Parsing the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Abu Dhabi is an emirate seeking the path of modernity through the blessing of a thriving oil industry.

But the country is also rich in history, its Arab traditions, and the Abu Dhabi pavilion adopted the simple basic design based on the imposing fortresses that stood along the coast in ancient times. These fortresses served as places of residence, collection and worship for the sheikhs, or tribal leaders. Although simply built, some have withstood the ravages of man and nature to survive today, silent but eloquent witnesses to the tenacity of the Arabs.

The pavilion consisted of two minarets, one round and one square, an exhibition hall and a cinema. The land and the people were represented with films and displays around the main minaret. The theme: "Abu Dhabi - its Past, Present and Future

The exhibits offered an insight into the tremendous work and widespread improvements that have taken place since the accession of His Highness, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Alnehiyan, and how oil revenues were used for the welfare of the people.

In addition, you were presented with an artist's impression of Abu Dhabi's past and the part of the sea and pearl fishing played in the picturesque life of the people.

A special feature of the exhibition was a replica of the colourful and romantic scene from the famous tales of the "Arabian Nights". Visitors to the Pavilion were entertained in a way that would have impressed the Arabs of centuries ago.