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Algeria - Expo Osaka 1970

Algeria at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
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Facing the Mediterranean Sea, the capital of Algeria is popularly known as "Algiers la blanche", because beautiful white houses stretch along its eight kilometres of coastline.

The Algerian pavilion, on a 2,000 square metre site overlooking the Japanese garden, was a three-storey structure, painted white as an expression of "Algiers the white".

The pavilion had no less than 16 themes, including "International Cooperation Based on Freedom and Justice" and "Contributions to World Progress". Through these themes, Algeria hoped to contribute to human progress and harmony.

An escalator took you to the exhibition floor. Exhibitions here were divided into four sections. First, in the exhibition hall, you were taken on a tour through the scenery of this beautiful country. In the second hall there were many works of historical art.

From the museums of Algeria, these pieces were just a small sample of the great contributions to modern Algerian culture.

Then you moved on to the third room to witness the economic and industrial growth of Algeria's rapid development. Your brief visit to Algeria ended with a theatre, here you felt as if you had filmed in North Africa yourself, these films of Algerian history, art, culture, education and economics and other subjects were so captivating.

On the ground floor of the pavilion, a 150-seat restaurant in the Algerian motif served typical Algerian food, including "coucous", made from wheat, and famous wines such as Mascara, Medea and Harrach.

In addition, there was an Algerian shop in the international bazaar for the exhibition and selling popular Algerian handicrafts and works of art such as jewellery, baskets, ceramics and leather goods.