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Asian Development Bank - Expo Osaka 1970

Asian Development Bank at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is an international bank established in 1966 to accelerate economic progress and cooperation among developing countries in Asia and the Far East.

One of its main objectives is to promote public and private capital investment for development purposes in the region. It has provided loans totalling $8,300,000 for 13 projects, including the Malaysian Penang Water Supply, the South Korea Seoul-Inchon Expressway, and the Ceylon Tea Factory Upgrade.

An additional special loan amount of $930,000 was extended to Indonesia for an irrigation project.

The ADB is participating in the Expo with the United Nations, which helped create it. The theme of its exhibition is "Development through International Cooperation".

It focuses on a large display of photos depicting scenes in the various stages of progress made by developing countries in the Asia and Far East regions.

Takeshi Watanabe, president of the Bank of Japan, which is based in the Philippines, will make a personal appearance at the Asian Development Bank pavilion on 16 April.

The bank, which began operations in December 1966, with an authorised capital of US$1,100 million, currently has a total membership of 33 countries, 20 of which are from the region. It is a hand ready to help nations that like to stand on their own two feet, but at present are unable to function under their own power.

The ABD exhibition is located in the United Nations pavilion, which is situated on the north side of the artificial pond.