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Central African Republic - Expo Osaka 1970

Central African Republic at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
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The Central African Republic is located in the heart of the African continent. The remarkable progress it has made in the economic and social fields since its independence in 1960 and its political stability have earned it the name "the Switzerland of Africa".

Indeed, its harmonious development and political stability, achieved in a troubled part of the world, has been a surprise to many.

The purpose of the Central African Republic pavilion was to introduce the nation's abundant resources to the Expo visitor.

Although small, the pavilion had enormous economic and moral significance: painted white, and in the shape of a diamond (the country's main export), it stood harmoniously against the dark blue background of International Square 1-A.

The wide range of objects and products on display showed not only great aspirations for the modernisation of the country and the civilisation of its people, but also the desire to preserve certain aspects of traditional ancient arts.

It is a country that has actively strived for "Progress and harmony for humanity", as can be seen from its national credo: unity, dignity, work.

The Central African Republic expected visitors from all over the world to discover the country's hidden treasures in its pavilion.

The site was laid out with magnificent wildlife, some of it very rare. And over the waves hitting the flag of the Republic. Four horizontal stripes, blue, white, green, yellow, were crossed by a red, in the upper left was a golden star. The flag symbolised the great unity of human beings: no matter what colour they are, all are united by the same red of their blood.