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Gabon - Expo Osaka 1970

Gabon at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
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Dedicating its pavilion to dialogue and progress, the Republic of Gabon participated enthusiastically in the great international exhibition that was Expo'70. The theme emphasised the two distinct ideas that characterise the policy of President Albert Bernard Bongo. A fruitful and constructive dialogue enables everyone to participate in the formation of important decisions. Technical and economic progress is the basis for peace and prosperity. Gabon seeks to move forward in collaboration with all peoples of the world, especially with Japan, a friendly and generous partner.

The four different rooms in the pavilion presented various aspects of Gabon today. In the first room, large screens projected colour slides and maps to locate the Republic in the heart of equatorial Africa.

The second room was devoted to the forestry economy and the third presented a comprehensive view of the nation's mineral resources, its oil, manganese and uranium, and its agriculture and power generation.

The fourth and last dealt with the development of the Republic's infrastructure.

After these sections dedicated to the economy and social success, a large hall, dedicated to tourism, presented the traditional arts and crafts of the country, by the great beauty and artistic value of its elements, it constituted a very strong attraction to all visitors.

As the last piece of interest, a craftsman carved, on the spot, the works of art in the famous stone of M'bigou, the village where this type of sculpture was created.

These small statues, heads, busts and masks were on sale at a special stand in the pavilion.