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Germany - Expo Osaka 1970

Germany at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
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The experience for the visitor of the 'Gardens of Music', the contribution of the Federal Republic of Germany to Expo'70, was a German cooperation of partners from all over the world to build a peaceful future. It was a country that was cheerful and fresh - it was a wave of youth on the old sea. You met the vitality of Germany's present and the rich traditions of its past.

The fluorescent dome of the music auditorium stood amidst a charming garden of German flowers of all seasons. Its panorama of growing things included species of man-made life: dynamic creations by contemporary German sculptors working in a wide variety of materials. You could climb to the roof of the pavilion and get a general view, through an upside down periscope, of the subterranean realms of the exhibition.

In keeping with its name, the German pavilion provided accompanying music. Discreetly, speakers were strategically placed in the auditorium dome, in the theatre floor, and anywhere else the visitor might wander. The result was that the visual kaleidoscope was married to music - music by contemporary German composers: Blancher, Eimert, Stockhausen, Zimmermann, Zacher. Many of their works were created especially for this pavilion. Music accompanied the visitor through all areas of the pavilion, because it was the element that linked all areas together.

Mobility was the motif of the exhibition in the basement of the pavilion, thanks to an interaction of movement and light, to materials like mirrors and projected films that defied dimension and seemed to partition the walls. Here you could explore the German territory from the North Sea to the Alps, meet old and new architecture, share achievements in research and technology, project in the world of music and literature, witness the effort of inspiration towards tomorrow and, above all, meet people and their country.