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Kodak - Expo Osaka 1970

Kodak at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
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Among the multitude of pavilions at Expo'70, the Kodak Pavilion is the only one co-sponsored by an American and Japanese company. It identifies "Photography as a universal language".

A six-sided glass tower highlights the Kodak "Golden Photo Pavilion". The 22.5 metre high glass tower is surrounded from top to bottom by a ramp from which visitors can photograph many memorable views of the exhibition.

Other major elements of the pavilion are two smaller, brightly coloured towers. Each tower also has six sides, and are painted alternately in red and yellow.

Visitors can enter the pavilion at ground level, or via the ramp around the glass tower, or the sloping bridge across the glass tower on the second level.

The four-storey golden glass tower is one of the main exhibition areas, and contains one of the wonders of Expo'70. The tower of smiling faces, a kaleidoscope of colour prints passing through the centre of a pool of water.

Advanced audio-visual techniques, showcases of photography and the role it plays in this age of space exploration and expanding technology are presented in four other exhibition areas of the pavilion, but with the recognition of the family of man and the enjoyment of life.

The other exhibition areas featured are respectively entitled "Photography is an Instrument", "Photography is for Remembering", "Photography is Fun" and "Photography is a Universal Eye", where photography is recognised as an art.

The Kodak pavilion also offers a photographic information centre to assist visitors on photographic issues. The pavilion is on the south side of the pond, almost opposite the Monday Plaza conveyor belt.