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New Zealand - Expo Osaka 1970

New Zealand at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
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New Zealand is a small, isolated country with a population of just 3 million. Its official history only began in 1840. Nevertheless, New Zealand recognises its responsibility to work with other countries for progress, harmony and better living conditions for all humanity.

The New Zealand exhibition presented the country and its people. It showed how the advancement of social welfare, education and health services, together with creative freedom and the right to enjoy the beauty of their country's landscape, contributed to their enjoyment of life.

New Zealand's economy depends solely on the country. And assisted by a temperate climate, New Zealand has developed some of the most sophisticated and efficient livestock and food industries in the world. A large amount of food, wool, dairy products, other forest products and raw materials - 'nature's bountiful fruits' - are exported to help raise living standards in other countries.

New Zealand is noted as one of the world's most successful exhibitors of "a better understanding of each other". The displays presented New Zealanders in their environments as friendly people and as people of different racial backgrounds living in harmony.

The New Zealand pavilion was designed as an island of simplicity and tranquillity in the busy Exp'70. It consisted of five identical buildings, three for displays, one as a cinema and one for the sophisticated Geyser Room restaurant and garden snack bar, both serving New Zealand food.

The pavilion was constructed of wood and other New Zealand materials and demonstrated special construction techniques. Displays introduced New Zealanders, their country and how it was developed, as well as showcasing New Zealand-made products.