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Switzerland - Expo Osaka 1970

Switzerland took part in Expo'70 under the theme "Diversity in Harmony". Its participation consisted of a radiant structure, a pavilion for a thematic show, and a restaurant.

The radiant structure symbolised harmony and diversity, as well as "Swiss inventiveness, precision and appreciation of beauty". A steel construction 21 metres high and 55 metres in diameter, it could be compared to a large stylised tree; a solid trunk dividing into branches, and the entire surface was made of aluminium plates.

With 32,000 glass spheres glowing in the sunlight, and shining like light bulbs at night, the tree conveyed an aura of a festive experience by day and night.

Underneath the structure was an air-conditioned zone where electronic music created an atmosphere of joy and relaxation.

An adjacent pavilion featured a themed show, and a restaurant with a kiosk for the sale of Swiss souvenirs. In the exhibition hall, accessible from three sides, the image of a modern Switzerland was presented on 12 floor-to-ceiling column supports. The blues columns presented human and cultural diversity, while the yellow columns showed the diversity of the countryside, and the red and green columns the wide range of the country's economic production.

The restaurant could accommodate 180 guests, and the bar and cocktail room offered visitors the opportunity to discover Swiss gastronomy.

The information department provided information about Switzerland, its geography, languages and culture, science and economy. A richly illustrated 24-page brochure with a disc about Switzerland completed the information.