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Christianity - Expo Osaka 1970

Christianity at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
© Expo'70
Architect(s) : Akira Inadomi

It was the first union of Catholic and Protestant churches in Japan and as such enjoyed the cooperation of the Vatican.

Under the theme "Eyes and Hands: The Discovery of Humanity", the Christianity pavilion provided the eyes for Expo'70 in discovering the latest conditions of man in the midst of industrial growth, and the hands to serve him.

From the noise and glare of the environment, visitors passed through a zigzag corridor reminiscent of the catacombs and leading to the ground floor of the exhibition. Together with commemorative objects, you could find tapestries by Raphael from the Vatican and other artistic treasures, such as panels of photographs representing the sadness of Japanese life often neglected in a prosperous society and other panels concerning world peace, justice, hunger and poverty. The exhibition awakened us to our common task of serving humanity.

On the floor above, appropriately called "Holly Space", was a multipurpose room, surrounded by religious symbols, which signified the secular world in the light of the Gospel. It was an area where you could, in a saving silence away from the noise and bustle of the exhibition, rediscover your identity as a responsible person.

It was also the place for a dynamic exhibition. Here prayers for peace were offered every day and ecumenical services were held every Sunday. Multi-act plays were written especially for the pavilion, and concerts and organ competitions were held on an organ with bamboo pipes. There was also a "plaza" where participants were free to make their own plans or do informal activities. What a witness, it would be wonderful if this new adventure towards the discovery of humanity travelled around the world from the five exits symbolising the "hands" that serve.