Japan World Exposition - Osaka 1970 - Expo'70

Human progress and harmony

March 15, 1970 - September 13, 1970

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Robot Fujipan

Robot Fujipan at the Exhibition Osaka 1970

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Architect(s) : Noboru Igarashi

An enchanted land for children or a view of the future for adults?

It was up to the visitor of the Fujipan Robot Pavilion to decide.

Since the sponsor, a food company from Nagoya, had chosen the theme "Children's Dreams", the idea was to be enchantment?

The pavilion's exterior looked like a slice of bread. (Or, according to many people, a strange caterpillar)

When you approached the pavilion you were greeted by a robot (except when it rained, in which case the robot welcomed you inside. When you left another robot said goodbye and stamped a souvenir of your visit.

Inside the building, it was truly "robot country"! The Robot Forest gave an understandable history of robots, with sounds and lights creating special effects. Robot mechanism and application were explained here.

The Robot City gave you a chance to have fun with the robots... and a chance to find out if the robots were like humans or if humans were like robots. In the theatre, robots were busy singing, dancing, making music, juggling and playing. There was also a Polaroid robot taking souvenir photos. The tallest of them was over 2.5 metres high.

Finally, robots building other robots were presented in the Future of Robots section. The capsules making robots were the main attraction. And gave you the chance to imagine the different future uses for humans of these robots.

Harmony is important between humans, but it is also important between man and machine. The Fujipan Robot Pavilion gave you some ideas about the different kinds of harmony.