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Gas at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
© Expo'70
Architect(s) : Ohbayashi-Gumi

"Laugh and the world will laugh with you

"The World of Laughter", the pavilion of the "Japan Gas Association" (201 companies across Japan) was located near Wednesday Plaza.

The exterior of the pavilion was unique, a flying saucer or a funny figure with an open mouth, depending on your imagination.

Inside, the highlight of the exhibition was the huge work by Spanish artist 'Joan Miro', with a 5*12 metre ceramic wall specially made for Expo'70.

Visitors first entered a large gallery to see "The History of Laughter", a twenty-minute film. A giant screen on the floor and another above the audience, plus two screens on the sides were used to show the film.

Sitting face to face, visitors could watch the faces of those in front of them as they laughed during the film.

After the film was over, the visitor entered the next room and could admire a grandiose fresco by Miro entitled "The Innocent Laughter", which was enhanced by a fabulous setting of water and light and background music. In this room you could also admire a film dedicated to all kinds of laughter.

The gas pavilion was naturally powered by gas, even the film projectors. New gas applications were installed in the pavilion restaurant, where visitors could see Miro's work through a glass wall.

With this pavilion the sponsors wanted to "bring laughter back to the world of today and tomorrow".