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Kubota - Expo Osaka 1970

Kubota at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
© Expo'70
Architect(s) : Osaka Architecture & Engineering Firm Inc.

Determined with its tower, exciting with its suspended Skyroom, loyal with its theatre, the Kubota pavilion offered a glimpse of human productivity and human needs.

In industry, the search for savings, the beauties of nature, the silence and peace of the suburbs, are the major concerns. "What will we leave as a future for our children? "By asking this question in the corridor outside the circular theatre, the pavilion, optimistic with its visitors, sought a meaningful answer.

Under the skyroom, a glittering display on "bountiful harvest" was underlined by a bright board: efforts must be made to harmonise the growing production with preserving the beauties of nature. Every "affluent society", just like every primitive society, requires clean air, clean water and open spaces.

The theatre with its many screens reminded us, with scenes of rice production around the world, from Thailand to Italy to Egypt to Japan and the USA, that the farmers' sweat and toil were relieved only by the sweet joys of harvest time.

The preservation and restoration of natural beauty, the plight of the labourers, the real meaning of life for a human being, relaxed contemplation was offered in the "skyroom". Pleasant music from a dozen speakers accompanied a view of the pond, the waterfall and the fountain outside. "O-nigiri, rice balls and drinks were served.

Will humanity be able to create more abundant and beautiful living spaces for those who come after us?