Japan World Exposition - Osaka 1970 - Expo'70

Human progress and harmony

March 15, 1970 - September 13, 1970

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Livelihood Industry

Livelihood Industry at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970

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Architect(s) : Tsutomu Ikuta

Everyday life for far too many people in the modern world, consider their pale existence as boring.

"Day after day' is not a trivial matter when it is brought to you as the theme of the Livehood Industry pavilion. This pavilion was not only a feast for the eyes but also for the taste buds.

On one side of the pavilion, the "Honey House" described the five stages of the human rhythm of life from morning to night. Through a beautiful flower garden and a series of intricate dances, visitors could enjoy the pleasures of "The Morning Family". This was followed by "People at work", in which the advantages of modern equipment, working conditions and the responsibilities of company managers were presented.

The day progressed and children were brought to the fore. In "The Happy Family", animated dolls went on a little journey together. An indoor garden was made entirely of candy.

"Family Pleasures", with its dependence on water and fire, with comfortable home furniture, brought the day to a close. A fantastic display highlighted "People Who Dream".

Then the visitors arrived in a hexagonal theatre. The audience turned slowly to face the four stages of the presentation of the seasons of Japan in a year-long journey presented in just 24 minutes. Spring: the birth and growth of life presented through an intricate system of lights. Summer: festivals, the season of love and the energy of youth seen on three large screens with dynamic sound. Autumn: presented by the representation of large paper dolls, a man and a woman getting married and establishing their own "Home Sweet Home". Winter: the cycle was completed and the mystery of a new life was presented.

The endless circle of birth, life, the intimacy of nature and humanity was the message of this section of the Livelihood Industry pavilion.