Japan World Exposition - Osaka 1970 - Expo'70

Human progress and harmony

March 15, 1970 - September 13, 1970

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Pepsi at the Exhibition Osaka 1970

© Expo'70

Architect(s) : Takenaka Komuten Co., Ltd.

Enter the Pepsi pavilion and you enter a sound, visual and tactile environment never experienced before. You were a participant, not an observer, in a technological environment.

When you arrived at the pavilion you had a unique view, the white, domed pavilion surrounded by a mysterious fog and at night it was surrounded by a wall of light. On the square you could suddenly meet one of the 7 big men, in the shape of a floating dome which emitted wonderful sounds, and which changed direction immediately when you touched it.

You would enter a shiny tunnel and receive a small handset from a hostess dressed in silver. Each handset picked up audio signals from amplifiers buried in the ground as the visitor visited the pavilion.

Then you went to the clam room, so called because of its shape. The floor of the entrance was soft, you sank down to the first sounds of the handset. It was dark. But the light was coming from several sources; red, yellow, green and blue laser beams were moving with the sound.

After climbing some stairs, you entered a large dome, a world never experienced before. A 30 metre spherical mirror captured your image above, and reflected it back to you upside down. The floor in different sections was made of different material: you walked on a section with grass and then immediately after you heard birds, crickets, even a golfer; then came the asphalt section with sounds of city traffic, children playing in the street, fire trucks.

You moved across the room to see people taking their time, doing things, being involved. You had added a new and personal experience to your life.
The Pepsi pavilion was located in the southwest of Expoland.