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Rainbow Tower - Expo Osaka 1970

Rainbow Tower at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
© Expo'70
Architect(s) : Kiyoshi Seike

You had to be a little tired to visit this pavilion. This pavilion was just the thing to make you feel good.

Sponsored by the Japan Monopoly Corporation (a Japanese cigarette manufacturer), this 70-metre high conical tower was built with silver walls. The silver walls turn red at dusk and the lights of the night colour the structure in rainbow colours.

"Peace of mind" was the theme, which corresponded to a sub-theme of Expo'70 "Towards a more entertaining life".

On the first floor there was the "Forum of Rest" with music specially created by the Japanese composer Ikuma Dan.

Afterwards a circular lift, with room for 150 people, took you up to see a "smoking" show. This presentation combined smoke, light and sound. It took place on a huge wall, designed to create a unique environment and experience for visitors.

Afterwards, in seats in a semi-circular space you could watch a film projected on a large three-sided screen that appeared out of the ground. The four Japanese seasons and its traditional arts were the subjects of this film. It was, in any case, a special film that sought to "shake up the viewer" with action in the film.

After the film you could visit the "Resting Place" and the "Recreation Place". Both were located on the first floor.

Modern man, experts say, has lost much of his sensitivity due to the rapid advance of science and technology. So the rainbow tower served to isolate the visitor, for a short time, from the modern world. Some might find the visit a chance for a little meditation and self-reflection. Others found the silence and peace welcome. In any case, a visit to this pavilion was a welcome change of pace from the tiring Expo'70 tour.