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Ricoh - Expo Osaka 1970

Ricoh at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
© Expo'70
Architect(s) : Shoji Hayashi

There was no problem finding the Ricoh pavilion. It was the only one that was materialized by a huge balloon of 25 meters in diameter. Depending on the weather and the wind, this balloon floated in the air at varying heights, in the best of cases up to 55 metres high.

There were two possible visits to the pavilion, one inside during the day and one outside (looking at the balloon) at night.

During the night the huge balloon became a giant screen. Projectors and other electronic equipment projected abstract images up to fireworks images with changing colours and lights.

During the day, when the visitor looked at the balloon, he could see a huge eye in it, an eye that reflected the visitor and the other visitors around him. The theme of the Ricoh pavilion was "Illuminating through Expo'70", and the eye, the sponsor said, was "the best eye of humanity".

The balloon was what the sponsor called 'the floating vision' and the pavilion was 'the vision of space' and 'the intro vision'.

"The 'Space Vision' could be seen by taking a transporter around the outer circular wall of the building. Images were projected onto the surface of the wall, which varied according to the position of the visitor.

The "vision of space" was visible even during the day thanks to special equipment. The transporter, moreover, was air-conditioned.

"Intro Vision" was inside the exhibition hall.

Upon entering, the visitor was immersed in a large, silent space with a sense of timelessness. There was a unique audio equipment that produced sounds according to the images projected on the inner walls. Special seats, which could rotate in all directions, also created another sound sensation.