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Textiles - Expo Osaka 1970

Textiles at the Exhibition Expo Osaka 1970
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Architect(s) : Ohbayashi-Gumi & Takenaka Komuten Co., Ltd.

One of the first private Japanese pavilions at Expo'70, the Textiles Pavilion represented a major co-ordination effort.

It was sponsored by the Expo Textiles Association, which was established especially for the occasion by three textile organisations (Japan Cotton Spinners, Wool Spinners and Chemical Fiber Associations) and 30 textile-related associations.

"Textiles enrich human life" was the theme of the pavilion.

The pavilion was more for women than for men.

The "projection area", a new idea with a film with special effects, was the highlight of the exhibition.

Ten film projections and eight projectors were used. Six film projectors projected from behind. The screen in this case was the inner wall of the pavilion dome.

The dome itself was decorated with sculptures of women's heads, limbs and torsos. At one point, swirling beams of light gave the illusion of movement.

The subject of the film was about women, too. Especially about a woman. The title was "Ako", the name of a popular girl in Japan. The film itself had been shot across Japan during the spring and summer of 1969.

Also in the exhibition hall were seven sections with special displays that concerned the modern world of textiles.

The sponsors of the Textile Pavilion wanted to improve the image of textiles but also of this exciting industry itself.

Through unique presentations, the visitor could experience the long history of textiles, the richness of the materials, the diversity of their use, the personal relationship of textiles in the life of every man and woman. And the colours, patterns, fashions and textures of the textiles also contributed to making this material irresistible.