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Pavilion of the Promise - Expo Sevilla 1992

Pavilion of the Promise at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
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Having been an incredible success in Vancouver in 1986 and Brisbane in 1988, the Promise Pavilion was about to offer an invigorating experience to visitors to Expo '92 in Seville. The presentation was built around the lively musical "The Scroll".

"The Scroll" took you on a musical journey that went beyond the human imagination, the magnificent biblical story as no one had ever told it before. This spectacular performance, combining live theatre, music and audio-visual effects, took place in three specially designed rooms in the Promise Pavilion.

Visitors first came face to face with a 9-metre high mirror cube, which could be seen rather than entered. At this point the audience was blinded by a combination of dazzling lights, dazed by sounds and stunned by a film, all representing the story of Creation.

The next room had walls of carefully positioned mirrors that reflected kaleidoscopic images creating a gigantic globe. In this space, the Life of Christ was depicted in a large display of images using original footage created for the pavilion and fragments of the remarkable film "Jesus of Nazareth" (donated to the pavilion by 20th Century Fox).

The third room was a unique "presentation in the round", a mixture of live activities, films, video montages and slides with sound and light effects that embraced the audience. The theme of the show was "The Resurrection", which provided a climatic representation of hope.

During your visit to Expo'92, don't miss this brilliant high-tech representation of the three themes of Life, Love and Hope

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