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Environment Pavilion - Expo Sevilla 1992

Environment Pavilion at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Alvaro Pinel

Sustained development is the big bet for a future where nature and well-being will be a matter for everyone. This is what the pavilion, sponsored by the Spanish INI Group, was all about, offering the visitor the chance to become an active participant in the exhibition.

In the first part, the history of life on Earth, its fantastic diversity and its prodigious functioning were presented. Then, in a futuristic audiovisual area, the film Concert for the Earth (16 minutes), which incorporated the showscan system (60 images/second, instead of the 24 of conventional cinema) and Tridimensional for the first time in the world, and showed the problems that human activity has created in the environment and their possible solutions.

Afterwards, the visitor could participate in the Biosphere game: a planetary overview and several modules that presented the critical points that affect the environment.
Once the visitor knew about each major problem, he could choose the path to follow in the future. They had to make a decision: to continue along the path of unsustainable development that has been seriously damaging our environment, and consequently all of humanity, or to turn towards sustainable development, where a joint effort will facilitate growth that will allow the well-being of every human being, respecting the environment and making it possible for all of us, without giving up on progress, to recover the most precious of all heritages: nature.

At the end of the tour, visitors could ask questions about the environment to an expert computer.

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