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South Africa - Expo Sevilla 1992

South Africa at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Alvaro Pinel
Architect(s) : Reiner Kohl

Five hundred years ago, at the southern tip of Africa, two different worlds met: Europe and Africa. Today, South Africa offers astonishing diversity within its borders: modern cities with glass skyscrapers and wide open spaces dotted with traditional African huts; giant industrial complexes and wildlife reserves with lions and elephants; scorching deserts and the greenest of plantations and vineyards. Its wealth of minerals - first diamonds and gold, then chromium, coal, platinum, and many others - has laid the foundation for a well-developed economy and an impressive infrastructure.

South Africa's diversity is also reflected in its population: thirty million people of African, European, Asian and other origins form a rich tapestry of cultures, religions and customs. They are all together engaged in a process of fundamental change, to create a new society with new perspectives. Expo'92 offered the ideal opportunity to discover this dynamic South Africa - truly "a world within a country".

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