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Asturias - Expo Sevilla 1992

Asturias at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
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Architect(s) : Antonio Sanmartin et Ramòn Muñoz

The pavilion was designed by the architects Sanmartin and Muñoz. The competition jury described the project as "a building of great personality, suggestive and unconventional, with a crevice directed towards the lake that creates a space and climate clearly reminiscent of Asturias".

Especially noteworthy was the hypostyle hall, a tribute to the Asturian forest (this large atrium was covered by a structure that sketched the map of Asturias). The enveloping façade was also attractive, in oxidised copper (green), in keeping with the image of the Principality.

The pavilion had four floors: the last two housed the contents of the exhibition: on the first floor, a cosy cider house, a shop and a multi-purpose area; on the ground floor, an elegant restaurant and the administration area.

The contents of the exhibition, designed by the Asturian Chus Quitos, were an original sensorial scenography that invited fantasy, so much so that Expo'92 described it as "singular, imaginative and new, conceptually in its aesthetic implementation".

In the entrance hall, in the forest cave that received the visitor and protected him from the sun, the world tribute to the bear, one of the symbols of Asturias (and its mascot), took place.

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