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Canary Islands - Expo Sevilla 1992

Canary Islands at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
© Alvaro Pinel
Architect(s) : José Manuel Barrio Losada et César Mezquita

The only mythological animal, man, placed them on the most ancient maps, when the gods inhabited the skies and fire was the forge of life. The Canary Islands were there, in the Atlantic, sound and blue, open to the four winds and scanning the horizons of Africa and America. Between the sky and the sea, this is the historical adventure of the Canaries, the last port of Europe and, on the way back, the first port of America.

A volcanic land in its original remains, the Canaries unfold their future as a thoughtful ship, connected to the world by the idiosyncrasy of its inhabitants, by the particular eclecticism of its islands, by the synthetic and friendly way in which its inhabitants have known and know how to welcome visitors: as if they were islanders.

This land was sung by poets, foreigners and natives, and proclaimed an open port, an entrance and exit for travellers who marvelled at its mysteries, its treasures and its Edenic landscapes. Humboldt knelt before the natural chapel of the Orotava. And the gods that the conquerors did not manage to expel in their violent irruption, still live there, mythical, hiding in the Valley of Ucanca, in Tenerife.

Between the past and the future, at the end of the century, the Canary Islands are re-establishing their image in the world of future culture as one of the most transparent regions of the moment, in whose depths the fire still exercises its secret alchemy: Timanfaya is the daily witness and irrefutable proof of this.

Finally, the sea is no more than thousands of old and new furrows that renew the paths of the western world. And floating on the Atlantic, azure with centuries and fire, is a unique land, respectful and haughty like the solitary birds, the Canaries, the islands of the future.

© Official Guide Expo'92