Universal Exposition of Seville 1992 - Expo'92

The era of discovery

April 20, 1992 - October 12, 1992

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Cyprus at the Exhibition Seville 1992

© Gaël Limpalaër

Architect(s) : Christos Theodorou

The Cyprus pavilion at Expo'92 illustrated the island's unique position in the Mediterranean - a staircase between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa - and its important role in world civilisation.

Cyprus exhibited its own discovery of copper, dating from 1492 BC. It described the succession of relationships between peoples, cultures and trade that have intertwined throughout history. The pavilion was divided into four sectors that embodied the evolution of the island: an ancient sector, where a replica of an old Greek cargo ship and treasures from the Cyprus Museum could be seen; a Byzantine sector, where five precious icons from the 16th century were displayed; a medieval sector, which showed the influence of Europe; and a modern sector dedicated to present-day Cyprus.

Modern Cyprus was depicted through its achievements in the field of trade and navigation, communications, tourism and culture.

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