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European Community - Expo Sevilla 1992

European Community at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
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Architect(s) : Karsten K. Krebs

The European Community at the 1992 Seville World Fair

The European Community participated in the 1992 Seville World Fair at three levels:

- through the pavilions of the 12 Member States, grouped around the Avenue de l'Europe.
- Through the architectural design of this avenue, intended to reinforce the identity of the Community site.
- By the European Community pavilion located at the centre of the site.

Grouping of the Member States' pavilions around the European Community pavilion

For the first time at a World Fair, all the countries of the Community were present in Seville with an individual pavilion.
The pavilions were grouped around the European Community pavilion, along the Avenue of Europe. The Member States thus demonstrated their desire to offer the world the image of a real entity.

Layout and decoration of the Community site

The Community site consisted of 12 towers 30m high symbolising the 12 Member States (inspired by the towers of the Charterhouse monastery on the island of La Cartuja), and the "sails" linking the towers together to evoke the unity and interdependence of the Community countries. This ensemble was the work of the architectural firms Hennin & Normier and Lippsmeier & Partners.

The European Community pavilion

The architectural design of the Community pavilion was the work of the German architect Karsten krebs from Hanover.

The pavilion took the form of a conical tower about 50m high with a play of colours based on those of the flags of the member states: it was thus a vast "signal" recalling the message of unity in diversity of the countries of the European Community.

Outside the pavilion, a sculpture by Ludmila Tcherina symbolised the heart and unity of Europe.

The presentation in the European Community pavilion was divided into two main parts within the framework of the general theme of the Seville exhibition, the "Era of Discoveries".

In the century of the "Great Discoveries", Europe took off.

The European Community, a great discovery of the 20th century.

The general title of the exhibition was "From the Europe of the Renaissance to the Renaissance of Europe".

A studio for the demonstration of European High Definition Television and an audiovisual show were the highlights of the pavilion.

Videodiscs, databases, a bookshop and a souvenir shop complemented the pavilion's displays.

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