Universal Exposition of Seville 1992 - Expo'92

The era of discovery

April 20, 1992 - October 12, 1992

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Denmark at the Exhibition Seville 1992

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Architect(s) : Jan Sondergaard

The pavilion was a reflection of the Danish landscape, characterised by its many islands. When the horizon is cut off, it is perhaps by the white sails. The pavilion itself was placed like an island, surrounded by water, in a basin. Like a sailing ship with sails 32 metres high.

Denmark only has a few raw materials, so the Danes have to be inventive. This was also illustrated in this pavilion. The construction was unique, although made of standard materials ingeniously assembled.

The pavilion was an example of Danish craftsmanship and design. Inside, Danish culture, technology and art were presented with the help of a huge multimedia show. The show illustrated how one of the world's most advanced industries is located in the middle of green Denmark, next to the famous Danish agriculture - which provides food of the highest quality. In the pavilion's restaurant visitors could taste delicious Danish food.

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