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Spain - Expo Sevilla 1992

Spain at the Exhibition Expo Sevilla 1992
Architect(s) : Julio Cano Lasso

Synthesising the richness, variety and complexity of a country such as Spain in an Exhibition where the aim is to entertain and, in good measure, to impress, is a singular challenge.

At the edge of the Spanish lake and in the centre of the Exhibition, a semi-spherical dome and a voluminous cube emerged from a white marble and lime façade. Inside, a large patio and water pipes delimited the different rooms. Tradition and modernity, amalgam of cultures, history, language... Signs of identity of a people that has entered the universal history with characteristics projected beyond its borders.

And this is what the pavilion was all about, with three different routes through rooms, shows and activities.

Under its emblematic cube, there was a unique testimony to classical art, a room full of universal treasures that reflected the transcendence of this extraordinary cultural heritage of Spain.

A tour through six different rooms, with spectacular techniques and visual means, scenography and diverse and innovative technologies, presented a panoramic and general vision of Spain and allowed us to get to know an old country that has been deeply transformed to adapt to the present world.

Through the rooms, one could see the geographical and human variety, the landscapes and climates, its rich and varied history, the confluence of its successive cultures, the impact of discovery, the language, the link between the different worlds, the most current Spain, the one of the future...

Under the dome, a cinema based on a spherical projection system and equipped with mobile seats, synchronised with the images, made it possible to combine the beauty and charms of Spain with the spectacle and emotion of being able to experience all this actively.

There were also cultural events, interactive rooms where you could obtain information in general, shows, traditional festivals, crafts, gastronomy, symposiums, forums and activities around the language, the image of Spain's past and present, the world democratic society...

A varied, rich and plural representation of Spain, a modern country, open to the world, active, free of preconceived ideas and looking to the future, a future that is increasingly real. An obligatory appointment on the best stage of the Universal Exhibition of Seville 1992.

Spain. To be discovered.

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